Brunch and Strategies with Belinda Enoma

Let's release your sparkle, elevate your career and life with your brilliance

Next: August 5, 2023, Laurel Maryland

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Here’s what you’ll get at the brunch

Networking & Round Table Discussions

There's a time to go solo and there's a time to connect with great minds. You are one connection away from elevating your destiny. You never know who is in the room that has the solution to your problem but if you aren't there, you will miss the opportunity!

Strategies for Life, Career & Business Elevation

Belinda Enoma is a renowned strategist, CEO of Activate & Implement, cybersecurity and data privacy leader, sought-after global speaker, published author who has been impacting lives through her messages for several years. She is dedicated to elevating destinies, teaching women to value and digitalize their brilliance with consistency and excellence.

And of course great food!

Don't hesitate or procrastinate about registering. The venue for the brunch is the popular Mad Cow Grill in Maryland. The previous brunch we hosted at the location was fantastic!

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