Let’s train your staff about data privacy and cyber security awareness.


My experience and expertise doesn't only focus on policy, procedures and compliance — I help corporations train staff to raise awareness on data privacy, protection and cyber security to mitigate risks and create effective programs. My holistic approach is a collaboration between different facets of the organization that builds client trust, generate new business, retain customers and grow third-party vendor relationships. 



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Privacy by Design Implementation

If you have a tech project coming up or you are a SaaS company and want to ensure data privacy and protection is incorporated in your software development lifecycle, this is for you. 

Consulting Projects

Whether for a month, three months, six months or one year, let's discuss how I can help you build an effective privacy program for your organization including incorporating learning management systems for your awareness programs. 

Onsite Seminars & Break Out Sessions

Have you trained your teams yet on privacy and awareness? Have you included a privacy and security awareness session in your upcoming conference? Let me create a training program or periodic seminars customized for your business. 

"It was a pleasure working with Belinda during earlier days with Starwood Hotels. Her effective communication skills and commitment to work was impressive. She brought in so much value to the table in terms of delivering best possible customer experience. Since then I have been in touch with her and amazed by so many initiatives she has taken on and has evolved into a successful business strategist. Her expertise in business analysis has certainly helped many organizations out there."


First, we discuss your current status.

We will begin with a free initial discussion about your brand, company, solutions you provide and current privacy and security needs. This is where we will define what your service will be, whether you require consulting or corporate training.

Then, I learn about your desired outcome.

The information you share about your company and services will help me understand how to serve you, determine the type of project and duration, map out your exact requirements.  

Lastly, we implement.

We get you on the road to compliance, train your staff, raise awareness, provide privacy and security consulting services (where needed) and customized online programs via select learning management systems for your group.


I’m Belinda Enoma.

I’m a New York-based Data Privacy and Security Consultant, digital business strategist, who enjoys training C-level clients and teams on matters protecting personal data, risk mitigation strategies and enhancing workplace culture. I love writing, speaking and helping others to step out, step up, activate, implement and suceed. 

I have been in the tech industry for two decades, from consulting in start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations in Europe and the US, to starting and operating digital businesses, utilizing my legal background, teaching and coaching via learning management systems, to entering the data privacy world in you are absolutely in the right place! I talk tech, cyber or law. ☺ Are you ready?


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