Implement your assignment.

I’m glad you are here! It means you are ready to start and really finish that pressing assignment that has been in your heart for a while. You have tried to figure out how to get things moving in your life, but it has been a struggle and you need help.

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Global Speaker, Strategist & Trainer

My name is Belinda Enoma and I have been implementing assignments (projects) for more than twenty years (from doing webcasts back in the day to global conferences, books, ministries, corporate projects and more).  

I started when I didn’t have a blueprint. I proceeded when I didn’t have a network or title. I implemented even when finances were in dire straits. I launched when I didn’t even know how I would continue.

But despite the challenges and vicissitudes of life, I was very sure of this - God placed assignments in me that I needed to release and implement for the emancipation of others.

I have been speaking and teaching about purpose, destiny, the importance of valuing our brilliance and utilizing our gifts and talents for many years. I have written and published several books, operated a book publishing business for more than a decade that helped birth and implement assignments.

I made daring career shifts from law to tech when others wondered if I knew what I was doing.

I did it afraid.

The moves I made have elevated my career, personal brand, and life.

Each move has been an assignment. I started from somewhere, and if I can do it, you certainly can! Guess what? You can’t finish an assignment if you don’t start. Something has to shift for the emancipation of you!

Will you meet me in Atlanta Buckhead on January 27, 2024 at 10am – 1pm?

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Book your seat in The Finisher's Mindset Masterclass today. This 3-hour program is intentionally limited to an exclusive group of women (25 people) - those who are ready to push procrastination to the curb and implement in 2024!

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Faith-based principles will also be taught for greater understanding.


The Finisher's Mindset Masterclass is for you if you have been saying:

  • “My destiny helper should locate me. I need clarity and direction to figure things out. I cannot continue like this.”
  • I want to network and connect with women who can mentor or coach me to become better and work smarter. There is certainly more to life than than where I am now. 2024 has to be better than 2023.”
  • “I have several assignments to carry out but I don’t know how to manage my time so that I can start and finish them or even which one to start. Infact I want to all of them. I need a coach to help me birth these assignments.”
  • “I refuse to continue to hide my light and be a best kept secret. It’s time to release my sparkle and what God has placed in me.”
  • "I'm tired of unfinished tasks around me. I have been declaring that I will finish them but I haven't done anything about them for years."

In The Finisher’s Mindset Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Principles & Strategies to accomplish your goals without further procrastination or delay.
  • How to activate and implement your God-given assignment(s), including overcoming hurdles and struggles along the path.
  • Receive clarity to help you take that bold step with confidence to launch for impact.
  • Inspirational life lessons during implementation, deactivation and restoration phases (I.D.R) applicable to your elevation plan.

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