Women Empowerment and Elevation Masterclass

Value Your Brilliance, Turn Your Pain to Power and Make Impact

April 18, 2022 | Abuja | 9am - 1pm


An exclusive event for intergenerational women who desire to fearlessly use their voice, transform their lives and impact others.


Belinda Enoma - Host

Benefits of Attending

"There is no passion to be found in playing small — in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.” — Nelson Mandela


You Desire to Be More

You are at a good level in your career or business, but you feel empty. You have been asking yourself, “What next? What can I do to impact my generation and the next? I desire to be more. I desire to do more.”

In this masterclass, you will learn the power of multipotentiality, intentionality and collaboration.


You Desire to Leverage What You Know for Maximum Impact

You want to use your gifts, talents, skills, expertise in a great way that will generate consistent income beyond where you are now. You want to get to the next level in your career or business but unsure or afraid to take that bold step.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to identify your place of brilliance, that splendid genius zone of yours that has been inactive for a while.


You Think It's Too Late

You postponed purpose many years ago. Now, you think it’s too late, the ship sailed and left you, you are too old to activate that thing that’s in your heart to do (and has been there for ages).


You Are Tired of the Status Quo

You are tired of the way things are currently in your life.  You have been someone else's secret weapon for many years (they are shining, reaping the benefits of your sweat and you are not). You are tired of being a hidden figure. You know that you got it like that but things ain’t flowing the way you expect. Something’s got to give! 

GIVEAWAY for 3 Queens

Yeah, we are going to shine for maximum impact. We have surprises for 3 awesome women. Somebody is going home with a top-notch Calvin Klein designer handbag for your business meetings, OR a brand new Lenovo Chromebook (yeah, we want you to intentionally implement your brilliance and be strategically visible), OR Victoria's Secret set (because you are after all, a queen).

Lenovo Chromebook

Value N270,000

Victoria's Secret Beauty

Value N35,000

*Image for description purposes

Calvin Klein Satchel Bag

Value N115,000


You Are Ready for Change

You have been asking yourself, "if not now, then when?" You realize that it is time to work on your goals. You don’t want to live with regrets filled with:

“I should have..."

"If I had known..."

"Why didn’t I do..."

"It’s too late now..."

"I am not as strong and fast as I used to be.”


Group Coaching

You will participate in group coaching with other powerful ladies in this exclusive event designed specially to help you win (normal coaching rate is $500 hourly). Get digital business strategies, transformative nuggets to help you scale or get to your next level.


Purposeful Networking

Be present in the room. When women connect, great things happen (and you certainly don't want to be absent). We launch. We build. We collaborate.

"Total value $3,200 (N1,800,000)

"Investment = N100,000

Limited seating. No waitlist.


Meet Your Host

Belinda Enoma is a renowned New York-based global empowerment speaker, master moderator, conference host, life coach, cybersecurity and data privacy professional, author of several books, digital entrepreneur, and strategist. She is dedicated to elevating destinies often empowering audiences globally to fearlessly impact their generation and teach the next. Her messages are intergenerational and shift mindsets whether in the boardroom, television, radio, small or large conferences, corporate trainings.

Belinda’s backstory of transitioning from law to tech and leveraging her knowledge, experience, expertise in the cyber industry continues to impact people across the globe to activate and implement their uniqueness. She has delivered transformational messages in several cities including London, Milan, Atlanta, Dallas, Annapolis, Lagos, Arlington and more.

As an ordained ministry leader, founder of Persistent Faith Ministries International, Co-Pastor of Grace Gate Church in New York, host of several faith-based projects, Belinda continues to take the message of hope globally. She has been featured on Black Enterprise, Southern Dallas Magazine and internationally syndicated television networks.

Hear what past attendees of Belinda's events are saying...

I Emancipate Me Conference

Prior to ‘stumbling’ into Pastor Belinda Enoma and attending the iEmancipateMe London conference, I had been grappling with ‘How’ to birth the destiny call upon my life screaming out for expression. I went online to find information on ‘The Finishing Anointing’ and the phrase, ‘I start and I finish’ jumped up at me. The London iEmancipateMe conference was a destiny moment for me. It afforded me the opportunity to glean from the depth of wisdom that God has so graciously endowed Pastor Belinda Enoma. I was encouraged by her simplicity and transparency.

Knowing that Pastor Belinda is a ‘normal’ woman like me, grappling with all the challenges of being a wife and a mother of young children and still being able to joggle all these with her very demanding professional, ministerial and business career left me fully equipped to fully pursue God’s vision for my life, to start and finish the assignment that God has entrusted me with. I was truly emancipated from every self-limiting thought. I also had the opportunity to network with other like- minded great women of God who spoke in areas that helped boost our destiny assignment.

Thank you for stepping out of the box and encouraging us to boldly walk in our unique calling.

— Ikay Ajoku, London, CEO, The Total Child Tuition Center

Authorized & Qualified Summit


Career Upgrade Summit

My mother once told me that to be cautious of what I say because you never know who's watching. I teach high school seniors Computer Science and, today, instead of learning about for loops, we decided to watch the summit and they were amazed and happy to see people that looked like them in important and high positions. Thank you! Some of the takeaways they received were the importance of storytelling, humbling yourself, working hard, and putting yourself out there. This event gave them the inspiration to push further thus helping them overcome many of the obstacles they or society set for them.

— Jonathan Chery, Educator, Boston, Massachusetts